Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Products for Procrastinators

I ran out of gas again. While walking to the nearest gas station my daughter said "Mom, why don't you just keep a gas can in the car?". I told her that it's funny she should ask that because I lied on my blog and said that I was going to do just that. "But why don't you just do it?" she asked logically. "Because it smells" I told her. So I got to thinking about what a killing some Acme company could make, if the developed products specifically for procrastinators. Like an odorless gas can, for example. Or a service that could take care of all those loathful tasks that procrastinators always put off, like renewing our car registration, replacing our EZ passes, etc.

Perhaps the reason there are no products and services for procrastinators is because developers are not aware of the market potential. Why is this? Because we are not proud enough. Procrastinators need to come out of the closet and let their demands be known! We are here, and lord knows we'll never get around to making these products ourselves, so Acme get busy!