Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Procrastinators may not be the best pet owners

While it is true that pets can provide an endless source of procrastination, they are not always the best choice for procrastinators. Pets need to be cared for, and sometimes, well, we may put that off. The results are sometimes tragic.

Last week, my cat met its untimely death. Its death was not technically my fault. It got hit by a car. I was not driving the car. But after we adopted them several years ago (it had a brother - that one just disappeared) and they started ripping up all our furniture and sweaters, etc., we planned on getting them de-clawed. But that never happened. Instead, we sort of encouraged them to go outside. The rest is history.

I don't really like cats. In fact, for a split second, when I saw the cat laying on the road before work, I thought perhaps I could get away with pretending I didn't see it. But I forced myself to walk down and confirm that it was in fact dead. My daughter is a bit of a drama queen, so I didn't really want to have to deal with the crying and carrying on first thing in the morning, especially since she really cared very little for the animal while it was alive. So I scooped it up, placed it a box, snuck around back, left it on the porch, and left a note for my husband to please "deal with it".

That was on Thursday. On Sunday, my husband remembered that he never did "deal with it". It had rained quite a bit since the hit, so the box was now soggy, and body was now a bit decomposed. We tried to dig a respectable grave, but we live in a land of rocks, and it was pouring out, so we just couldn't manage to dig it big enough to fit the entire box in. Instead we got it in as far as we could, stacked rocks on top of the box, and then covered it with leaves and branches. Hopefully it will settle before Spring.

I'm definitely thinking twice before the next one....


  1. Next time try cremation. It is festive and does not require digging...just incense.

  2. Ha! Damn that's a good idea. Well, they'll always be a next time.

  3. If the chickens "die"...Sunday dinner!