Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Spring is a great time of year for everyone, but it is in this season that procrastinators have their biggest edge. 'Round about springtime, non-procrastinators start to measure themselves up against their New Years Resolutions, and begin their downward spiral that extends into fall, when they start composing their lists again in anticipation for another "new year". For procrastinators, however, thoughts of putting together a list of potential self-improvements have either been long gone, or haven't even been formed. Rather than mark their failings and deficiencies on an annual basis, procrastinators continuously self-deprecate; regrets build up over a lifetime, so there is no need for springtime panic. While our failures do make us strong, not failing can make us even stronger. That's why this year (or decade, or eon) I have decided to create a list of anti-resolutions; by not accomplishing them I will thereby succeed. The list will likely increase over time. But for now I will start with:

  1. Defend my dissertation.
  2. Organize my files.
  3. Landscape my yard.
  4. Run the New York City marathon.
  5. Get in touch with long-lost friends.
Every failure a success. Procrastinators, just don't do it.


  1. JGH said (before I moved the sight to the spell-checked URL):

    Can I join in? My anti-resolutions:
    1) color my hair
    2) get an oil change and have other expensive maintenance-type things performed on my car
    3) save money so the kids can go to college.

    Thanks for making me feel successful at something today :-)

  2. Congratulations JGH - you are a winner! Not coloring your hair and not getting expensive car maintenance will save you a lot of money, and as long as you spend it before the kids go to college, they will qualify for scholarships!

  3. Hey I think I need to get in on this too.
    1. color my hair (very liberating to write that down)
    2. get rid of of books I've read
    3. stop buying books